About Us

Complete Financial Solutions LLC, founded in Birmingham, AL, strives to make a difference in this world by helping individuals vision the outcome of self-investing in their financial lifestyle. Our stance beside our clients is firm towards empowering them to strengthen and solidify their financial future. Whether it’s seeking restoration for financial stability, obtaining and conquering financial goals, or starting their own company, Complete Financial Solutions LLC accompanies each client with achieving ALL financial goals and “Living the Financial Lifestyle you DESERVE!”




                       Kharin Williams-CEO-Founder

Kharin Williams went from being a testimony to developing a mission in helping individuals “Live The Financial Lifestyle They Deserve”. Born in Birmingham, AL raised in Detroit, MI, financial hardship was a core visual with no meaning behind it. A graduate of Cass Technical High School with honors studying Electrical Engineering, with Vocational studies in Bio-Medical Engineering, Ms. Williams had an interest in technical problem-solving. Furthering her education at Alabama A&M University, Ms. Williams obtained a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology with a minor in Mathematics. With unlimited opportunities among numerous Fortune 500 companies, the gratification of assisting others for the greater good was not fulfilled. Destine to find her stability among a career path that exhilarates individuals with financial stimulant growth, she stumbled upon financial issues that were nothing more than basic lack of financial education.  Utilizing her expertise problem-solving skills alongside mentoring and self-education, along with numerous completed accreditation certified courses, she then found her purpose. Complete Financial Solutions LLC was developed from a passion to not only assist individuals with the solution to their financial problem but to equip consumer in the readiness of “Living the Financial Lifestyle You Deserve!”

Kharin Williams passion assisted family, friends, and individuals nationwide utilizing a special skill set of financial literacy knowledge and customer service. Through one of her many financial literacy educational course, Amber Jones was in attendance. With both finding common interest in spreading financial literacy to properly equip individuals with their finances, the two in due course became business partners.

                    Amber Jones-CFO/COO-Founder

Amber Jones is an independent financial professional through Complete Financial Solutions, LLC. Amber has distinct roots in Alabama, graduating as a valedictorian from Hazlewood High School in Town Creek, Alabama. Her special accomplishments and arduous commitment in working with others are accentuated through her athletic influence in sports. As a seven-time track and field state champion, basketball state champion, state MVP, and a previous athletic and academic scholarship holder at UAB, to name a few, Amber demonstrates years of positioning goals and claiming their execution via leadership intelligence, teamwork, and determination. During Jones’s undergraduate experience, she was a member of The Chi Alpha Sigma National College Athlete Honor Society,  Golden Key International Honor Society, Delta Epsilon Iota Honor Society, 2 time C-USA All-Conference team, and a Member of the Top 10 All-Time Scoring list at UAB all while finishing in the top one percentile of her graduating class. Upon graduating Magna Cum Laude with a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2013, she went on to adduce her expertise by traveling the world playing basketball professionally, while gaining constructive and practical experience.

Amber played professional basketball for four years, internationally in Europe, before returning home after a career-ending foot injury. Her athletic experience as an adult has yielded her accolades overseas including  Guard of the Year and All-Star Game MVP demonstrating her athleticism and selfless-mentality on the Tsmoki Minsk Euro-Cup basketball team. Through her passion for teaching and spreading financial literacy, her attendance of a life-changing tax and financial class allowed her the transformative opportunity to meet Kharin Williams. Amber’s experience provided her with in-depth knowledge necessary to properly articulate sound advice to athletes and minorities for healthy and responsible financial gain. Subsequently, the two became business partners.